Cracked and Crooked

by The Post Mortems

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Flarelight 02:58
By the flarelight, crawling, it's appalling how we've grown accustomed to the carnage in the darkness and the cold. And the sun is always setting, and forgetting to return. We've learned that all is fleeting and soon we'll follow. Now we dream like dead leaves dragging back into the trees, desperately trying just to find a way to please. In the dimming cathode blue look at me, I look like you. We have grown so unable to turn the tables or see through. Smile was a greeting, now what's the meaning? A baring of the teeth, yeah I know, I'm weak.
Bloodwine 04:20
If blood were wine, you'd be dead and I'd be drunk all the time. I said I'd be with you when you were gone, I can prove it: here I am. Laid out neatly on your bed, everything you took for granted. You felt me with your fingertips and you found I was unkind. It's okay dear because at the time you were blinded by the new and exciting.
Hard 02:23
All of my friends have gone soft in the head. We are what we've hated and there's no body left. Alone and elated with our lackluster eyes, we run and we run and we still act surprised. We used to be but now we're just used to it. Jealous of fighting off our reasons to heal. Ignoring the obvious is killing our fear. Without a torment to oppose the norm, we are just currents in a sedated storm. Now that the future is assuming it's place, the yearbook retains only one saving grace, painted like the devil's red and wicked face, a record of agelessness that captures our rage.
Striptease 03:15
You turned around, slid off your shirt. Up your spine, under your ribs, like the monster, thick black stitches from your shoulder to your hips. Spread along below your breast, skin so soft, raw, and red. And it makes me wonder: which half is new, what's original? How could you wish for it to go this far? You turned around, took off your shirt. Up your spine, branched in fits, like the monster deep inside, on your shoulder, from your lips, sitting on heaving chest, putting scars in my head.
Fall of Home 03:30
We stare out, away, a cracked and crooked city waves: Hello. In the wake of all that's happened to us, we are truly alone. We tumble from our rubble beds, death's blood-sleep dried in our eyes. Assaulted papery taste buds scream for food, our situation devours our minds. Do you know where you come from? Do you recall the fall of home? I can show you what you're missing, I can show you... Grey-green eyes, bleached from fallout, they don't catch the irony buried alive: in this place we've no names or face, though we're born from labelled times.
Hope Falls 04:16
Hope falls with tears, washes through the years, unveils the fears of love. Hope fights heartache, it gives as much as takes, pretends that echoes aren't just memories of love. Always lonely, never alone. A song for Zill, only time could heal, only time has killed this song for Zill.
Brother 04:09
Invading rockstars with forbidden eyes, I watched you try and act surprised as he kissed your hand, and your cheeks turned red. You started lying to your friends... Who could change you? Put you on your best behavior. Denial was a shadow, cool inside your bed. A dark and dangerous angel, a smooth and gentle angle. I listen to the engine fade, I heard the smile on your face. As the sun kissed the carpet, we slept the dawn away. All I ever wanted, all I ever needed, all of it forgotten by you.
I Am I 04:03
I was I, asleep. Uncanny how things end. A brand new predator in a jungle with no friends. But who could blame me? My hands tattooed red. Face like a baby but I wouldn't change a thing, not a thing. I am I, sleeping. A means became an end. Instead of running I lost myself again. But what have I become? It's frightening even me. The less I know now the more I know I see. I was just a girl then, ridiculous and thin. When I gave up I swam and I swung in, I'm swimming. I was I, asleep. we all used to go to church. Don't roll your eyes at me. You look and you try to touch. I was always waiting on a slow fade in. So sick of searching crowds where I had been. I was just a girl then. Ridiculous and thin when I gave up, I swam and I swung in the legs of strangers, built stronger than my own. It took so long to feel like this was home.
Golden 04:02
Each of his hands is dipped in gold to draw you in to what he has. Can't be touched, cannot be held: to caress them spells your death. And his breath is sinuous as it rolls about his head. His affliction is quite serious and to you he'll put an end. This is the man with the golden hands, the Midas touch and a treacherous plan. His steely eyes and your imminent demise, there's a smile on his face as he waves Goodbye. So across the room on a silver spoon, eating sweet Medusa pie. You can't help yourself but you catch yourself whispering old lullabies. You know he's got you, entranced and robbed you of your chance to be a rose. This handsome man with golden hands, handsome comes and handsome goes.
Jackalope 02:27
As real as you need. As real as rowing out to sea. You're never coming back again, to lead the life you should have lived. As real as imaginary friends. Imagining untimely ends. Suffering their company just to see if they could be real. I'm as real as you want me to be. As real as any nighttime thief, breaking in to heavy dreams. As haphazard as it seems, I could still steal you.
Legend 03:24
The last man on Earth has bitten his tongue and he's bleeding to death in the desert sun, but he's not alone. There's a book in his hand and a snake in the sand whispering words only he can understand. Does he have the marks? Do you see them? No. Does he have the marks? Can you blame him? The last man on Earth has done all that he can but you hate him now and you wish he was gone, soon enough. There's a look on your face to hide your disgrace and you're kicking him down, and you're breaking his teeth.
Never Never 04:00
Peter, what'd you leave me here? A thimbleful of bitter tears. God, I miss your shadow so, it showed me things no girl should ever know. Remember, you taught me to fly? Filled up my heart with startled skies. I can't tell which star was ours and I'm all out of happy thoughts. Never land never had a chance. What of the Lost Boys without your shade? They grew up, blew out their brains. Only I saw the change in their eyes as they fell apart just like the Lord of the Flies... Peter, what'd you leave me here?


The cast of 12 beautiful and haunting songs welcomes you with open claws to the debut of the altrock power duo that eschews guitars in favor of soaring vocals, pounding drums, and heavily effected bass guitar.

A young girl learns to survive in a world of villainous intentions. Lovers embrace in a final act of adoration. A man becomes the thing he has always loathed. In twelve songs, something dreadful looms over their lives and deaths, forcing everyone toward collapse or triumph in ways the listener cannot anticipate.

The Post Mortems write and record without guitar, instead filling in all possible sonic space with bass, drums, and vocals, stretching each as far as possible to fulfill the demands of each composition. Utilizing effects pedals, the bass becomes all instruments, the voice soars limitless, and drums drive, underline, and punctuate.


released March 3, 2014










The Post Mortems Iowa City, Iowa

Bass and Drums alternative rock duo. Gothique, not gothic.

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