More like myth. Did you know that no one gets what they want, but if they try sometimes, they just might find that when all of their wishes are granted, their fears will take over and drive them mad? I feel like I accidentally combined some things there, but They Know what I mean.


The last man on Earth has bitten his tongue and he's bleeding to death in the desert sun, but he's not alone. There's a book in his hand and a snake in the sand whispering words only he can understand. Does he have the marks? Do you see them? No. Does he have the marks? Can you blame him? The last man on Earth has done all that he can but you hate him now and you wish he was gone, soon enough. There's a look on your face to hide your disgrace and you're kicking him down, and you're breaking his teeth.


from Cracked and Crooked, released March 3, 2014




The Post Mortems Iowa City, Iowa

Bass and Drums alternative rock duo. Gothique, not gothic.

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